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[reprint] movie snake interpretation of the Kilowong blog Ruili

The world Er pet phrase: wandering into the deep sea, from pure is a passerby.Ha ha ha, only constant bubble horizon will know, some people only see gossip,christian louboutin, some people just look at the emotion,christian louboutin sale, some people just look me in the photo.
.....But no matter what you see, knowledge is always there,christian louboutin outlet, to see how you absorb, absorb what knowledge.Recently this son, is too hot, the subversion of the generation of perception, ha ha, I like a reply:
"the first time when I read,christian louboutin uk, I think is the martial arts, two look at the second time, I think it is a love story, not long ago to look, fuck is the lace, now the aftertaste,Christian Louboutin Shoes, is worth, embarrassed, life
is always in the growth!"The Ruili what fight?!Video don't let affixed, link does not let hair ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ so speechless ~ ~ ~ this is the result of the upgrade, it is night back to [* * *] Ge!!!
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Man for the treatment of injured Cobra unarmed when the snake mo

Yang Haisheng hand-feeding snake, eat something!Ordinary lift cobra,christian louboutin uk, was the virus name gave a goose bumps.While a reporter recently interview, but saw Menghai Yang Haisheng hand-feeding snakes: a two kg of cobra's mouth opened, will be a small bowl into strips, and eggs and fresh beef feed raise fangs snakes mouth, rather than accept the mercy of the cobra, will be the two time the venom injection in his hands.
Roadside rescue injured cobra in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture Forest Public Security Bureau's draft reserve police station, 25,christian louboutin, 6 pm, two men with a mounted in pockets in the cobra, in the mount Brown junction.
Two loving people to call the police, the police and the Menghai County Forestry Bureau Yeshengdong plant protection station "Cobra" Yang Haisheng rushed to the scene, selling far saw the police leave with snake snake pocket be defeated and flee, the police will snake back to Menghai for temporary observation.
After checking the 1.45 meters long, weighing two kilograms of cobra in the captured,Christian Louboutin Shoes, "seven inch" have been striking fracture, need temporary maintenance treatment cured before being released into the wild.
Then, the cobra became Yang Haisheng "patient".Feed it two times by spitting on the afternoon of 25 3 reporters arrived, catching up with Yang Haisheng will fresh beef strips, hit two eggs in the bowl with food, also joined the Yunnan white medicinal powder.
All ready, Yang Haisheng first in the pocket to find head position, the left hand gently pinch the snake neck area, right hand into the pocket to be a "whistling" the cobra to catch out.In two the police's help, Yang Haisheng first with a pair of chopsticks in the snake mouth in front of a teaser, the cobra "Chi" sound he opened his mouth, and a mouth to bite the Yang Haisheng his chopsticks.
At the same time Yang Haisheng quickly took the police handed over a thumb rough plastic tube into the snake mouth, cobra reaction is not bad, get a bit hold two shares of the embroidery needle tube, the width of a venom "poof" from the fangs in spray to Yang Haisheng on the back of the hand.
Unimpressed by the Yang Haisheng vacate a hand to the plastic tube is inserted after stability, start feeding: weighing about 100 grams of a small bowl of beef, less than 5 minutes completely slipped into the snake's belly.
In the feeding tube is removed when, this finally blown Cobra again to bite plastic pipe,christian louboutin outlet, two shares of venom once again got Yang Haisheng hand."At hand without skin breakdown or a", or they have to run the hospital injection antitoxic serum.
"Yang Haisheng will snake into the cage said, because of the fear of the snake wound inflammation, so will Yunnan Baiyao mix into the beef and eggs to feed it, helps it to anti-inflammatory rehabilitation.
The general use of such feeding and the drug therapy, cobra fracture place about 3 months can be restored,Louboutin Shoes, the past has rescued the python is injured, he is also a way to take care and treatment.- chief
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The Nanjing lottery 16190000 yuan big prizes to abandon Award

Nanjingsingle injection into the biggest abandon award winning lottery center ,last night, didn to the winners .Liu Liu absorbs the center last night many journalists in waiting .The lottery is from the Drum Tower Square northeast betting station sells .
In July 28th 24,the Nanjing lottery Super Lotto 16190000 yuanjackpot winner can not in accordance with the 60prizedays appears in the province body color center prize hall ,province body color center public relations ministry undersecretary Dai Lele officially announced :16190000 Grand Prixbecame abandoned abandon award ,bonus will be fully integrated into the lottery public welfare fund .
This is the seventh Jiangsu lottery jackpot abandon award .This is not only the Chinese mainland lottery history the greatest abandon award ,also will be the city inland color abandon award ,also will be the lottery regulations since the enactment of lottery public welfare fund ,incorporated into most abandon award .
Reporter Su Cai correspondent Chen Jinshan missing the biggest mainland lottery abandon award was born last night ,the province body color center prize center unusually lively ,staff hold post ,waiting for the 16190000winner of thearrival of .
Many media reporters have come here ,waiting for the arrival of 24points.24 points is over, the province body color center public relations ministry undersecretary Dai Lele officially announced :16190000 Grand Prixbecame abandoned abandon award ,bonus will be fully integrated into the lottery public welfare fund .
Thus ,the mainland lottery maximum abandon award was born .The abandon award ticket purchased in Nanjing city high-rise Door No. 53 01065lotterysite in May 30th this year ,christian louboutin uk,the ticketing time is eighteen twenty-five and 20 seconds ,ticket betting on a 2 note numberand the additional betting ,wherein the second note number 06-10-17-20-21+03-07is the 11062big lotterywinning numbers, due to additional bets ,in the bonus is 16190000 yuan ,and one creating the Nanjing lottery history single note winning record !Often there are breathtaking ago Huaichuai 5000000awardsto travel whenever Awards ( winning amount above 5000000) near the prize deadline ,the Jiangsu lottery will as usual in the major media for prize announcement ,Louboutin Shoes,but more than 10 years only two grand prize winner in the award notice issued for to accept the award, but these are generally for a period of 28 daysin Nantong ,is a 7digit 5000000winners,winners of television that ,in a family filled with lottery box found 5000000 lottery,can say very lucky .
Another is Yangzhou digit 5000000winner,in knowing their prize cases ,with 5000000 lotterybusiness, in two days from the date of the case against the award ,can be said to be very thrilling !But in the prize deadline day Jiangsu lottery has never brought awards record ,this time 16190000 yuanis also the same .
Some people like posing as the main Ho donated awards in 16190000 Grand Prixabandon award before, the province body color center prize hall has received a lot of phone calls ,claiming that he is the winner of 16190000 large award ,a man is said he is a billionaire ,are immigrants ,the award will not ,directly donated, for public welfare undertakings make contribution ,to remind the staff ,even want to donate will I carry lottery and identity documents to apply for ,the man to fly to Mexico ticket bought for, very to not come .
A middle-aged woman claiming to be the winner ,the witnesses evidence goods are available in all varieties. ,is no lottery ,tell the staff without winning tickets to the prize, the woman suddenly changed the son should get married can borrow 1000000 rescueemergency .
.. ... Such as winners addiction too call emerge in an endless stream .But according to the rules without a lottery ticket ,if you are the real winners can add .The Jiangsu lottery record presented seventh abandoned awards the 16190000 Nanjingabandon award is I save lottery issued since seventh more than 5000000 abandon award,is also the big lottery history but also the mainland lottery industry abandon award !It is reported ,from the 1998 issue of computerlottery lottery since, my province body color co occurrence of over 65000000abandon awardevent ,5 of themfrom the 7 digitgame, was 2000 respectively 75(Suzhou) ,2001 89(Suzhou) ,2002 sixth( Lianyungang ) ,2006 sixteenth( Nanjing) and this year the thirty-first period ( Taizhou) ,only 1 werefrom the big lottery games, the abandon award events take place in the last year, Super Lotto 10063Suzhou 5000000last regretbe abandon award .
This time abandon award also be my province lotto game since second to abandon award .Do you know ?The Jiangsu lottery hit a record of more than 5000000 frequencyabandon award award has been abandoned ,11times in recent years,Christian Louboutin Shoes,China color city 5000000 yuan of aboveabandon award is it is often seen.
,and with the lottery jackpot cap bonus promotion, disposable collar award amount will continue to upgrade .In February 23, 2009, Super Lotto 9008thfall in Sichuan Province Dujiangyan 1 note9220000 Grand Prixabandoned collar ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,was then created that mainland color city history record highest abandon award .
Although since July 1, 2009 lottery regulations after the implementation of a lottery prize ,effective period has been extended to 60 days ,but the game was abandoned ,and was not put an end to .
In 2009 November thiswithin a month, it has 1 6150000,15000000,14630000lottery gameabandoned collar .Since 2011 ,the country has 1 note 5000000note 6420000,1,1,2note 10000000note 7160000gameabandoned collar .
The Jiangsu lottery lottery game prize is always large, sales have come out in front ,but awkward is ,the Jiangsu lottery is also often abandoned ,large, light sports lottery has 6 timesdisposable collar 5000000 yuanaward records ,plus I abandon award record ,the Jiangsu lottery has abandoned the collar 5000000 yuanlottery game has as many as 11 note.
In August of last year, our province color people he has abandoned the collar 3 note 5000000 aboveaward .In May 3rd this year, Jiangsu lottery 7 digit11031stfall in Taizhou city 5000000grand prize,until the last moment remains unclaimed,Christian Louboutin USA, it is also so far in 2011 Chinasports lottery only 1 note5000000 yuan toabandon award .
While the interior color city 10000000 Yuangreat prize abandon award record ,it was August 16th last year by the Kunshan welfare lottery manufacturing .The 16190000 NanjingSuper Lotto were dumped by their fellow award ,created by the interior color city abandon award record ,again by the Jiangsu lottery refresh .
There is no life hit color flower China lottery abandon award list in 12011 July,Jiangsu Nanjing Super Lotto 16190000 .The province body color center ,newspaper and has been looking for ,still abandon award .
22011 June,Shanghai double chromosphere 10000000 .Sina micro-blog initiated forward save millions of awards activities ,although million people participate in forwarding ,but still failed to find a winner .
32010 August,Jiangsu province Suzhou double chromosphere 10000000 .I have to find the winner for 100000 ,but failed to avoid abandon award .42011 June,Shanxi Jincheng double chromosphere 10000000 .
With a friend to buy lottery didn winning Miss lottery period .In 52009 February,Sichuan Dujiangyan Lotto 9220000 .Abandon Award for unknown reasons ,have led many to forecast .62009 December,Hubei Wuhan double chromosphere 9170000 .
Have personal lottery lost ,cannot change the fact that abandon award .72008 November,Guizhou double chromosphere 8760000 .The $2100 double betsare abandoned ,puzzling .82010 January,Liaoning Panjin double chromosphere 7500000 .
The welfare lottery center had received a phone call asking whether Duijiang lottery lost .In January 13, 92011, Jilin double chromosphere 7160000 .Abandon Award for unknown reasons ,I find no fruit .
102008 DecemberShenzhen double chromosphere 7000000 .Someone has to Duijiang lottery number ,all right, but not the same period number .To teach you three strategies 1safekeeping oflottery .
Computer welfare lottery is the thermal paper printing ,moisture ,heat and oil shall be defiled ,for lottery ,damage caused by computer can not be correctly identified ,will not be able to add .
2 check thelottery numbers .Some lottery betting habits election machine ,the machine selected number is not impressive ,so be sure to check the numbers, in order to prevent missed awards .
3 choose thebet .Betting stations to buy lottery tickets as one of the most traditional way of purchase of color ,has been recognized by the broad Caimin friends .Now the mobile phone betting and betting online is convenient, its superiority lies in a small prize automatically return to account ,avoids the occurrence of abandon award .
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Spanish women victims rescued gun fetus

Spanish police confirmed on September 30th, a pregnant woman 29 in Madrid, being shot in pregnant women, doctors rescue hopeless situation, its in vivo baby is removed to the hospital.The Madrid police spokesman, events take place in a church,Christian Louboutin USA, the murderer came in, "said not a word,Louboutin Shoes, shot the woman's head, then in another woman chest shot, and then use the same gun Dutch act".
The spokesman said,Christian Louboutin Shoes, the murderer is 34 years old, and two victims of it doesn't matter.Emergency personnel seferi Na Kui Sita participate in live aid.She recalls, the doctor on the injured pregnant women incapable of action.
"She is 36 years old, is a young woman, head injury, cardiac arrest, and pregnant,christian louboutin sale," said Kui Sita, "our efforts to rescue, but it was not possible to save her life.Therefore, we have to her belly in the fetus to do something.
"Police say the doctor at the scene,christian louboutin, the implementation of emergency caesarean operation, take out the baby to the Madrid "Heping Hospital care".Should relatives, hospital spokesman declined to comment about the infant state.
Another wounded woman was admitted to the same hospital, because of not harming the key, is now out of danger.To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended | today micro-blog hot
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Truck in the original bizarre butt execution triggered rumors

In new network Hechi on November 9 report (Zhou Changlin Liang Hongyuan Wang Gang) Guangxi Hechi under the jurisdiction of Yizhou City, a small truck driver, a few days ago in the downtown bizarre break on the sidewalk will a woman hit seriously.
Because the incident was a place of execution, lead users spread "the 'ghost' often have a ghost.".On November 9th, Yizhou police have released an accident.Police introduction, on November 1st, after a busy day, sleepy and hungry little truck driver Wei Mou to pull a cart full of paint to the city of East Street dining.
When the afternoon rush hour now stream of people, small trucks into the street less than 20 meters by traffic is blocked.Wei Mou had to reverse,christian louboutin sale, then traffic more and more,christian louboutin shoes, plus the compartment loading affecting the line of sight, this to just get a driver's license soon Wei, a reversing to bring very great difficulty.
When Wei Mou rotation direction moves forward, a pair of stylish lovers hand in hand to the crowd around, trying to use the front and the pavement running through the gap between the.The man saw the speed faster, went to half and hesitate to stop and pull her to back off.
Wei Mou to see the couple back, then reverse turn astern.Young woman saw the car back, and pulled her forward, just forward of the steering drive Wei Mou, young man quickly took his girlfriend to back off.
.....So back after the two or three time, the two sides is confused and disoriented, when hungry lightheaded Wei Mou again drove forward in turn, young woman suddenly pulled her forward, flurried Wei Mou is busy, he mistakenly stepping on the accelerator,Louboutin Shoes, the car took the youth together into the narrow sidewalk on one wire rod.
Young woman has been squeezed between the car and the poles, resulting in pelvic fracture,christian louboutin uk, fell to the floor in pain groan, male youth quickly dial 120 to call the first aid on the spot.This accident Liao police officer: through the investigation and field survey, that this accident was a responsibility.
Traffic police brigade has the accident vehicle seizure, enjoin Wei Mou the advance medical expenses.At present, after the hospital for medical treatment, traffic accident injuries in female youth has been out of danger,christian louboutin, are further treatment.
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